Trade your your Gold, Silver and Scrap Precious Metals to us....

If you don’t want to your precious metals anymore or you have extra Gold, Silver, at the same time you want to sell your Gold for real money, you can sell it at Tung Gold Downtown Los Angeles store. Thank you! Now you can sell it to us.

Our Priced:
1,Price is higher than others.
2,Paypal cash with USD.
3,Real money instantly after trade done.

During the whole procedure, you only need to: 
1, Tell us your business name, phone number to do a future transactions if you want. 
2, Tell us if you want cash or paypal or wire to your bank account.  

Then, you will get the real money.

Tung Gold Silver Exchange -- (714) 677-7315

If you have extra Gold, Silver then you can exchange with us, it means you sell your Gold, Silver to us and we exchange the CASH for you. We will help you to level your business will grow. The exact price and time, you can lock in your priced.

If you aslo have other items such as battery watch, computer memory cards we will pay you cash for those as well, as long as you like and need, you can exchange each other with us, like WOW gold and CASH.


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